Exhibition Profile 2019


26th International Exhibition of Food, Food Technology & Agriculture  (iran agrofood 2019)



18-21 June, 2019


Visiting Hours

10:00am-6pm (any changes will be announced!)



Co-organized by:

Palar Samaneh Co.

& fairtrade Messe GmbH & Co KG 








International participation organized & operated by:

fairtrade Messe GmbH & Co KG

Kurfürsten Anlage 36, D- 69115 Heidelberg





Palar Samaneh Co.:

0098 21 88 05 94 57/ 88 05 94 58/ 88 05 94 59 

fairtrade Messe GmbH & Co KG  :

+49-(0) 62 21-45 65-13

+49-(0) 62 21-45 65-27



Palar Samaneh Co. :

0098 21 88 04 48 17

fairtrade Messe GmbH & Co KG  :







Executive Managers of Exhibition 

Palar Samaneh Co. : Ms. Ladan Maleki – Project Manager

Contact  fairtrade : Mr. Paul März – Managing Director



Hall Numbers

5, 6, 7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, Series25, 27, 31A, 31B, 35, 38, 38A, 38B, 40-40A, 41-41B, 44-1, 44-2 and related open area




Participation tariffs




for international Companies or their representatives:


- Hall space incl. basic

construction EUR 295/sqm (minimum stand area12 m²) 


- Raw Hall space

without construction EUR 285/sqm (minimum stand area  36m²)


- Outdoor exhibition space


EUR 169/sqm (minimum stand area 30 m²)



Range of exhibits


iran food+bev tec


MACHINERY and Food Ingredients


Process technology


ü  Slaughtering and meat processing technology

ü  Beverage technology

ü  Noodle technology

ü  Dairy technology

ü  Fish processing technology

ü  Vegetable and fruit technology

ü  Bakery technology

ü  Confectionery technology

ü  Ice cream technology

ü  Delicatessen and convenience food technology

ü  Aroma-, essences- and spice technology


Packaging technology


ü  Packaging machines

ü  Packaging materials


Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology


Conveying, transport and storage installations


Service firms, organizations, publishers



iran food ingredients




ü  Acid starters

ü  Acidulates

ü  Antifoam agents

ü  Antioxidants & antimicrobials

ü  Aromas

ü  Bakery raw materials

ü  Binding agents

ü  Blends & compounds of fruit juice

ü  Butcher's raw materials

ü  Casein clarifier

ü  Clouding agents

ü  Cocoa butter

ü  Colorings

ü  Cultures, microorganism

ü  Curing agents

ü  Cutting aids

ü  Distillates

ü  Emulsifying agents

ü  Emulsifying salts

ü  Enzymes

ü  Extraction agents, solvents

ü  Extracts, vegetable

ü  Fat substitutes

ü  Fatty acids

ü  Fibers

ü  Filter aid

ü  Flavors & fragrances

ü  Flavors & colures

ü  Flour improvers

ü  Flow agents, anti-caking agents

ü  Food additives

ü  Fruit and vegetables concentrates

ü  Fruit and vegetables powders

ü  Fruit ingredients

ü  Fruit preparations for bakery & confectionery

ü  Malt extracts for malt beverages

ü  Meat extracts

ü  Mineral substances

ü  Powdered fat

ü  Precipitants

ü  Preservatives

ü  Propellant gases

ü  Protective gases

ü  Proteins

ü  Raising agents

ü  Releasing agents

ü  Sauces

ü  Semi-finished products

ü  Sorbents

ü  Specialty fats

ü  Spices, herbs

ü  Stabilizers

ü  Starter cultures & enzymes for dairy

ü  Sweeteners

ü  Vitamins


iran food+hospitality




Food and beverages


ü  Dairy and milk products

ü  Meat and meat products

ü  Fish and seafood products

ü  Vegetables, fruits and dried fruits

ü  Groceries: pasta, rice, oils, fats, sugar, tea, coffee, etc.

ü  Frozen food

ü  Canned food

ü  Bakery products, confectionery and fine breads

ü  Convenience food

ü  Specialty food

ü  Health/organic food

ü  Beverages and drinks – non alcoholic


Sweets & Snacks


ü  Chocolate products

ü  Sugar confectionery products

ü  Biscuits and fine bakery wares

ü  Snacks

ü  Cereals

ü  Organic, gluten-free, halal

ü  confectionery

ü  Products for diabetics


Hospitality, hotel, shop and catering equipment


ü  Foodservice equipment

ü  Catering technology

ü  Professional kitchen equipment

ü  Restaurant and bar equipment

ü  Hospitality information systems

ü  Retail technology, shop-fittings, product display

ü  Hotel supplies and services

ü  Vending and dispensing equipment


iran agro




ü  Agricultural machines, farming, tractors, harvesting equipment

ü  Milling and mixing installations/equipment

ü  Dryers, cleaner, silos and storage systems

ü  Livestock and poultry breeding

ü  Stable equipment

ü  Poultry equipment

ü  Feeding equipment

ü  Milk processing equipment

ü  Seeds, seedlings

ü  Grains, grain systems

ü  Greenhouse and greenhouse plastics and equipment

ü  Pesticides and fertilizers

ü  Equipment for fish farming

ü  Irrigation systems

ü  Veterinary syringes

ü  Analytical equipment